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Nexus Valve

Nexus Valve was established in 1994 with the intent of providing the HVAC industry with the highest quality hydronic system components at reasonable costs. The company founders and senior staff have over 100 years of experience in sales, design, and distribution of HVAC and mechanical contracting products. They are among the earliest proponents of specialized hydronic components and packaging. Nexus Valve was founded to provide single sourcing of quality hydronic components, to provide value-added services for resellers and users of hydronic products, and to allow others in the industry to benefit from such a program. The combined experience of the Nexus Valve staff ensures a complete understanding of the marketplace, from manufacturer to end user. Visit their site

• Automatic Flow Control Valves
• Manual Flow Control Valves
• Union, Unions & Combo Valves
• Coil Paks
• Hose Paks
• Accessories
• Temperature Control Valves

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ADEY offers a full line of commercial magnetic dirt filters from compact and cost-effective solutions for small to medium sized mechanical rooms with limited space to our MagnaClean Commercial filter range which offers premium filtration performance for heavy industrial applications. Visit their site

• Magnetic Dirt Filtration for Hydronic Systems

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Niles Steel Tank

Niles Steel Tank began in 1898 and has grown to be a fabricator of shop-built ASME Code pressure vessels and steel tanks for all industries. Industries served range from refineries, military, chemical plants, aerospace, and press equipment manufacturers, to boiler manufacturers and many others.  Niles Steel Tank is committed to on-time delivery of a quality product at a competitive price. Visit their site

• Storage Tanks
• Chilled Water Buffer Tanks
• Air Eliminators & Hydronic Separators
• Hot Water Generators
• Expansion Bladder Tanks
• Tube Bundles
• Solar Water Heaters

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Raychem heat tracing


A complete electric heat-tracing system is much more than just the heating cable. We provide a complete system from the power distribution panel to the connection kit, end termination, glass tape warning labels and the heating cable. Visit their site

• XL-Trace
• Electric Heat Tracing

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John Wood company

John Wood Company

The John Wood Company serves customers in commercial, and industrial markets worldwide.  With a broad product portfolio that includes water storage tanks and ASME pressure vessels they strive to meet the customer needs by building strong relationships and by providing the highest customer delivered value. Visit their site

• ASME Bag Expansion Tanks
• Air Separators/Custom Tanks

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Armstrong Fluid Technology

Drawing on decades of experience, their design teams are dedicated to a leading-edge development of pumps, heat exchangers, booster systems and other flow control equipment. Applications include residential, commercial and industrial installations.  Armstrong's history of new product introductions is evidence of their commitment to innovation, and a constant focus on meeting and surpassing the needs of their customers. Visit their site

• Air Separators
• Expansion Tanks
• Heat Exchangers
• Balance Valves
• Suction Diffusers
• Triple-Duty Valves

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Advanced Industrial Components Inc. (AIC)

Advanced Industrial Components Inc. (AIC) is a heat exchanger manufacturer specializing in a broad range and selection of quality heat transfer products.  AIC heat exchanger product lines range from shell and tube heat exchangers, and brazed plate heat exchangers, to stainless steel indirect water heaters.  Contact us to learn more about their diverse heat exchanger product lines and application uses. Visit their site

• Advanced Industrial Components
• Gasketed and Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
• Oil Coolers, Pool Heat Exchangers
• Stainless Steel & Titanium Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
• Sanitary Heat Exchangers

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Diversified Heat Transfer logo

Diversified Heat Transfer

Diversified Heat Transfer has been manufacturing, engineering and designing heating and cooling coils for over 30 years. Throughout the industry, DHT is known for superior quality and service. Due to their plentiful stock of raw materials as well as a mission to accommodate, DHT offers special 24 hour, 2-3 day, 5-7 day shipments for emergency situations and 2 to 3 weeks represents their standard ship cycle. Visit their site

• Heat Exchangers
• Semi Instantaneous Water Heaters
• Clean Steam Generators
• Replacement Tube Bundles
• Custom Heat Exchangers

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Flex-Weld Keflex logo

Flex-Weld | Keflex

Flex-Weld Inc. is a manufacturer of Expansion Joints, Metal Bellows, Metal Hose Assemblies, Expansion Compensators, and Pump Connectors. Their expertise is in the design and engineering of motion and flow control products to meet their customers' individual needs. Their bellows, hose, expansion joints, and flexible connectors are ideally suited to perform in extreme environments of temperature, pressure, vibration, and corrosion. Visit their site

• Expansion Joints
• Flexible Connectors

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Advance Products & Systems

Our pipeline-related products are designed to accommodate many diverse industries. Whether your project requires cathodic protection, corrosion prevention or safety products to protect personnel, we stand with confidence that we can provide your firm with excellent service and top quality products. Visit their site

• Casing Spacers & Insulators
• Pipe Penetration Seals
• Wall Sleeves

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