Package Systems

Custom designed packaged systems have become popular with designers, contractors and project owners. These package systems can be as simple as a duplex pumping system, or as complex as an entire mechanical plant pre-piped and wired on a structural steel base with an on-board control system. Because they are designed and built specifically to our customer's requirements, they bring true value to a project.


Package systems are designed to exacting standards and allow designers to know exactly how much space will be required in the mechanical room and what clearances will be required for system operation and maintenance. That way, there are no surprises during project construction. The package system's size, features and cost are known upfront.


Packages are constructed and labeled to stringent UL standards in a UL inspected environment. This high level of quality ensures that our customers receive package systems with optimal performance and safety features. All controls and electrical systems conforming to this standard provide building operators with long-life, trouble-free systems.


Controlling costs on a project is a concern to all involved in the construction process. Package systems allow all parties to have a fixed cost up front. No field labor cost overruns. Greatly reduced coordination required between trades. Less risk means a successful, quality project for all project team members.

Where tight construction time schedules are involved, package systems can provide the solution to an on-time project. Packages can be constructed in advance and be ready for setting in the mechanical space when the schedule requires. Aggressive construction schedules and minimal down time on retrofit projects can be easily accommodated.

UL Listed Packaged Boiler Plant

• Single package supply & return connections
• Single package power strike
• Central PLC-based control system for main building loop and boiler loop water temperature control
• Variable main heating loop flow control
• BacNet interface to building DDC System
• Full-color touch screen operator interface

UL Listed Packaged Chilled Water Pumping Plant

• Single package power strike • Central PLC-based control for variable flow control for both chilled water loop and induction terminal unit loop • BacNet interface to building DDC System • Full-color touch screen operator interface

Triplex Variable Speed Pressure Booster Package

• Single package power strike

• Stainless steel headers

• Central PLC-based control for pump sequencing and speed control

• Modbus interface to building DDC System

• Full-color touch screen operator interface



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• Designed to exacting standards
• Constructed to UL quality levels
• Receive a fixed cost upfront

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