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Enervex (FKA Exhausto)
DuraVent (aka ProTech)
Selkirk Metalbesos


DuraVent Pro Tech systemsDuraVent (aka ProTech Systems)

DuraVent produces special gas vent systems for Category II, III, and IV heating appliances. The FasNSeal line has an advanced design that offers the most professional venting method for high efficiency gas heaters. It is unparalleled in its ease of installation, precision fit and performance. Visit their site

• FasNSeal AL29-4C Venting Material
Single & Double Wall

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Enerex logoENERVEX
(Formerly Exhausto)

ENERVEX solutions are so much more than just products and systems. They provide venting design capabilities through their state-of-the-art design software called FanCalc. This software integrates a database of clothes dryers complete with operating data and requirements, such as exhaust requirements, exhaust temperatures, efficiency and much more. Visit their site

• Induced Draft Fans
• Variable Speed Draft Controls
• Combustion Air Systems
• Commercial Dryer Vent Systems

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Selkirk Metalbesos logoSelkirk Metalbesos

They develop, manufacture, and distribute innovative quality ventilation products such as their PS & IPS pressure stack, Al29-4C catagory IV venting and zero clearance grease duct.  Their focus is on continuous improvement in collaboration with their customers and suppliers while maximizing profitability to all. Visit their site

• PS Pressure Stacks
• Type B Vent
• Grease Duct
• AL29-4C Stainless Venting

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From ABS to Woodmaster, we carry the most comprehensive lineup of hydronics and boilers on the West Coast.

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We build products that are sustainable, efficient, have the ability for integration and are value added.

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