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Carel USA logoCarel USA

The CAREL Group has a history of over 35 years in the production of commercial and industrial humidifiers and controllers for HVAC/R applications. Visit their site

• Water, Steam, & Atomizing Humidifiers

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Dectron logoDectron

Dectron’s dehumidifiers guarantee the health and safety of pool swimmers.  An indoor pool is truly a unique facility in that its level of end-user satisfaction is inversely proportional to the number of compromises made in the design. A good design will have better overall performance and lower operating costs over the facility’s lifecycle.  Dectron focuses on air quality, comfort, & the prevention of mold/mildew/corrosion. Visit their site

• Indoor Pool Dehumidifiers & Controls

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Hastings HVAC logoHastings HVAC

Hastings HVAC has manufactured commercial and industrial HVAC equipment since 1938, and has attained world-wide reputation for quality and excellence in commercial and industrial heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.  They stay committed to research and development while providing a high quality product at an affordable price that will last for years to come. Visit their site

• Indirect & Direct Fired Gas Heating and Make Up Air Systems
• Electric Heating & Make Up Air Systems
• Evaporative Cooling Systems
• Gas Fired Duct Heaters

Available in Seattle and Spokane Offices Only




For over 80 years, INDEECO has been building state-of-the-art electric heating and control systems for a wide variety of industrial, marine and commercial applications. Visit their site

• Electric Comfort Heating Products
• Electric Duct Heaters
• Electric Unit Heaters
• Electric Process Heaters

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Klimor air handlingKlimor

For the last 50 years, Klimor has developed advanced air conditioning and ventilation solutions for meeting both the strictest quality standards and individual demands of customers throughout Europe – and now also in North America.  Klimor’s offer is based on the extensive range of modern air conditioning and ventilation units designed for any kind of commercial and industrial applications as well as for different types of residential buildings. Visit their site

• Standard / Thermal Break Air Handling Units
• Indoor/Outdoor Modular Construction
• ECM Fans & Arrays
• Heat Recovery & DOAS Units

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Lifes Good logoLife's Good

LG is a leader in Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. VRF systems provide exceptional temperature control by rapidly adapting to changing loads. Visit their site

• VRF Systemes
• Air-Air / Water-Air Heat Pumps
• Ductless Split Systems

Available in Anchorage and Spokane Offices Only



Mafna technologies logoMafna Air Technologies

Mafna is known in the industry for delivering smartly engineered custom designed HVAC equipment and air handling solutions for all Industrial, Institutional and commercial applications. Specially trained and experienced engineers at Mafna utilize current technologies including simulation and computational fluid dynamics modeling to investigate individual equipment needs of the project. Their engineers address all challenges including sound, vibration, space & energy savings using aero-dynamics and aero-accoustic principles of engineering. Visit their site

• Quality Custom Air Handling Solutions
• Engineered Acoustical & Vibration Systems
• Engineered Induced Air Systems

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Strobic Air CorporationStrobic Air Corporation

Strobic Air Corporation, a recognized technological leader in the air movement industry, specializes in technologically advanced exhaust systems for laboratory fume hoods in university, public health, government, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and other process industries. With more than four decades of experience in addressing the needs of laboratory researchers and facility owners, Strobic Air has continued to develop and enhance its Tri-Stack® Roof Exhaust systems to provide even greater flows, lower energy costs and decreased noise levels. Visit their site

• Strobic Air
• Fume Exhaust System
• Fume Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems
• HEPA Filtration Systems

Available in Spokane and Anchorage Offices



Swegon logoSwegon

Swegon is a global manufacturer of quality HVAC products and systems originating from Sweden.  Swegon operates for the well-being of people.  What they offer is neither visible nor perceptible, yet their successful solutions produce environments where people can enjoy comfortable levels of temperature and humidity.  Specifically, their indoor climate products has a high success of making people feel better and healthier.  This is what drives them ahead.  Visit their site

• Air Handling Units
• Demand Controlled Ventilation With Active/ Passive Chilled Beam Systems
• Engineered Air Diffusers
• Fans
• Acoustics

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United Metal Products logoUnited Metal Products (UMP)

United Metal Products is a manufacturer of commercial HVAC equipment with a proven track record of excellence and a strong commitment to customer service. As the industry’s leader in outside air energy recovery and evaporative cooling, United Metal Products specializes in developing innovative solutions while maintaining high standards of quality. This commitment to providing outstanding customer service along with the highest quality products has led to their equipment being installed on facilities throughout the world. Visit their site

• Data Center Cooling Systems
• Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling
• Vertical/Modular/Custom Air Handling Unit

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From ABS to Woodmaster, we carry the most comprehensive lineup of hydronics and boilers on the West Coast.

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